The Smartest And The Most Modern Way To Carry Insulin

Every diabetic patient knows how crucial it is to carry insulin at all times and to never forget to take a dose at the right time. Not administrating insulin injections on time may have severe adverse effects on the patient’s body, depending on how long ago the injection was to be administered and what kind of insulin dose is needed by the body. The most common issue faced by diabetic people after forgetting to take a dose on time are extreme headaches and dizziness.


Reasons Behind Missing Insulin Shots

  • Forgetfulness and carelessness
  • Fear of needles
  • Deliberately missing shots
  • Oversleeping
  • Falling short of insulin
  • Not having insulin or insulin kit handy

The Newest Way of Administrating Insulin Doses

The traditional vile and injection method of administrating insulin has started to become obsolete in the modern day. The vile and injection method’s tediousness and time consumption is a major reason why some diabetic people forget or deliberately miss their doses. It also requires the person to carry an elaborate kit with her/him at all times and to always insure to have a sufficient amount of insulin around.

With the latest insulin pen, the everyday hassle has reduced by at least 70%. Insulin pens are much easier to use than the traditional vile and injection method and are a much quicker method. All a person needs to worry about is to carry a simple pen with him and not worry about running out of insulin all the time. Insulin pens are so small that they take up too insignificant amount of space to be even notices.


What Makes Insulin Pens So Unique

 The insulin pens are of various types and can carry all types of insulins, but the general structure is quite similar in all types of insulin pens.

Each pen has a disposable needle that is discarded after every use, a dial that is used to restrict the amount of insulin that would come out for each dose, and a press plunger at the end.

One can easily fit an insulin pen inside her/his pocket and forget about it until the next time a dose is needed. Other than that, insulin pens become easier and handier to carry in an insulin pen carrying case. There are several types of cases, differing in a variety of functions and designs. While some insulin pen carrying cases make it easier to carry multiple pens, some even have a cooling feature, so that the insulin doesn’t heat up. Traditionally, insulin can be stored within a vile for 28 days at room temperature, but with the help of some cases, the number of days can be extended.

Insulin pen carrying cases can also function as a fashion accessory and become the ultimate blessing for travelers who are diabetic.


Insulin pens, and pen carrying cases are the modern-day requirement for every diabetic person. Together, they remove three out of the four reasons why people forget to take insulin shots on time, and can help the overcome and avoid severe medical complications.





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